After consultation with the Old Laurentian Society it has been decided that the proposed move to Bilton Grange School will not go ahead and we will remain at Fenley Field. Our development plans will now focus solely on how we improve the facilities at Fenley Field and I’m pleased to report that the structures which were being put in place to facilitate the move will now be directed to the re-development plans. The Rugby club will be part of the newly formed development committee consisting of the OL’S Society, LSC and the Hockey Club which will be meeting very shortly to put together the plans which will be circulated for consultation in early course. These plans will seek to replicate and improve on the facilities envisaged at BGS along with the timescales and the funding opportunities & challenges we will have to consider. Whilst it is disappointing to some extent that the move is not going ahead the positive message is that we will be staying at our cherished Fenley Field and will be developing and improving the facilities for the club and members.

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