Fri 06 Apr 2018 08:51

Toby Davidson ( 1962- 2018)

The club is saddened to report the passing of Toby Davidson, after losing a short battle with cancer. Never less than cheerful, always smiling, it was impossible not to love Toby, as he loved OLs; and loved his cricket, as a keen supporter (and scorer) of the Bunburys charity cricket XI. Living some distance away, he didn’t get to Fenley Field as often as he would like but always enlivened the scene when he did, circling the pitch numerous times to make sure he didn’t miss anyone, then making it his business to collect corner flags and post protectors after the game.

A regular tourist with the club to the USA, he was never seen without the fines bucket; and the last time that Metropolis RFC toured here, he was their constant companion and guide, this time wielding their fines bucket!

How he managed to make those tours no-one knows, as he hated flying, and heights generally - ask Alan Willis about going to the top of the CN Tower in Toronto in a lift with him in 1991!

Our condolences and best wishes go to Toby’s family and brother Giles, a former OL player.

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