Fri 20 Mar 2020 15:03

Dear OLRFC Member,


Following the Open Forum of 23rd February I attach the notes and minutes produced by Jon Bass which I believe fully represent the discussion which took place. For those members not able to attend we would appreciate your thoughts and observations and for those present any comments now you have had time to reflect on the Forum. Whilst there was  consensus that we had to move I recognize that we need to consult with as many members as possible and await the considered thoughts of those concerned about leaving Fenley Field.

As James Melvin said so eloquently the fact remains that currently we have no formal offer on the table and based on that position we need to address the here and now challenges  facing the Club namely the Drive, Clubhouse and the other facilities which we will need to use for a minimum of 3 more years.

In addition to the interest free loan from the RFU we have also made an application for a Grant from the Nat West Rugby Force Weekend on 27th & 28th June in accordance with the attached. If we are successful we will obtain a minimum of £500 up to a maximum of £10,000. Whilst the amounts will not solve the issues I believe that having that weekend as a focus will energize us to undertake the work needed with the aim of completing some of the repairs/maintenance/redecoration by that weekend. In that respect Ian Turton has agreed to put together a schedule of  “Works” and identify what skills, equipment and materials we will need so that members can step forward and help us REJUVENATE OLRFC. The Works will also include any games equipment members want inside the Clubhouse – Pool or skittle tables/Karaoke equipment??  so your thoughts on this would be more than welcome also.


Ian will publish the schedule as soon as possible and in the meantime we await any further thoughts on the Forum. We will obviously keep members informed of any significant developments as the negotiations commence.


Obviously, matters have changed in the past week with the postponement of our Centenary Games on the Close at Rugby School and the total cancellation of all Rugby activities for the rest of the season as part of deepening Coronavirus situation for the whole of the United Kingdom. Currently the Nat West Rugby Force Weekend is still scheduled to happen on 27th -28th June but is under continual review. We will keep members informed as matters develop but at this stage our message is Stay Safe but please try to keep in touch with the OL’S family particularly any who would be classed as vulnerable and might need help. Please contact me if you want any contact details of members and I will try to help. We are confident that both the Country and the Club will come through these difficult times despite some setbacks along the way by working together and looking out for each other. It’s what we always do -  The OL’s way but let’s make sure we all do it over the next few weeks.


We will confirm a revised date for the Centenary Games as soon as possible and similarly if we have to reschedule the Centenary Club Dinner where we are in discussions with Lawrence Sheriff School and the Caterers we will be in touch. In the meantime we await your feedback on the Open Forum and Ian will publish the Works Schedule in early course.


Kind Regards,





Andrew Spriggs

Chairman Old Laurentian RFC


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